Orkuh˙si­ is Icelandĺs largest, privately operated health clinic in the treatment of musculo-skeletal disorders. The clinic is located in a spacious, 4000 m2 (12,000 ft2) building situated near many of ReykjavÝkĺs largest hotels, and across the street from the cityĺs main athletic and leisure park. The building houses numerous specialists in the fields of medicine, physiotherapy, and prosthetic and orthotic fabrication. Most of the specialists have received many years of training abroad, particularly in Sweden and the USA. Many have worked at some of these countriesĺ best-known institutes, and worked at highly respected sports and pain clinics. Every year a large number of Icelanders visit Orkuh˙si­, where they receive an integrated diagnosis and treatment of their problems. The quality standard is among the best in the world, yet cost is very economical when compared with neighboring countries.


Over 20 doctors with specializations in many fields of musculo-skeletal treatments, work at the Medical Center. Most are orthopedic surgeons, and some have hand surgery as a sub-specialty. Also working at the center are anesthesiologists, neurosurgeons, plastic surgeons, and rheumatologists. A number the doctors also have Ph.Ds, such as in cruciate-ligament surgery, and work with Iceland's main athletic teams. There are three operation theatres, and one specialized pain center providing high-tech pain relief therapy for back problems utilizing fluoroscopy and radio frequency ablation. All operations and procedures are on an outpatient basis, most of which are orthoscopy for various ailments, for example cruciate-ligament surgery, as well as hand surgery, minor orthopedic procedures and plastic surgery. The surgical environment is of the highest standard regarding safety and equipment.

R÷ntgen Orkuh˙sinu

X-ray services are handled in a spacious unit. The department specializes in musculo-skeletal radiology using two standard x-ray units, high-quality ultrasound equipment, an open-extremity MRI, and a spiral CAT scan that has proved excellent in bone research when 3-D reconstructions are done. Digital technology is utilized in processing results. The radiologists have decades of experience in musculo-skeletal radiology.

Sj˙kra■jßlfun ═slands

Over 20 physiotherapists work on two floors at the facility, handling all traditional physical therapy, and have specializations in back problems and athletic injuries. There is also an excellent training and rehabilitation room. Acupuncture treatments are carried out on these floors, as are endurance tests and various measurements, for example lactic acid measurements. Physiotherapists are closely connected with Iceland's athletic organizations, for example most Icelandic national teams, and some have worked for professional soccer clubs in Britain.


Prosthetic and orthotic services are provided by Ossur hf., which is the worldĺs second largest company in the field of developing and manufacturing artificial limbs. It has also been successful in expanding into the fields of prosthetics and orthotics by purchasing US companies.


There is a store on the first floor, selling various prosthetics and providing high-tech gate-analysis services ľ incorrect foot placement can cause various skeletal ailments.

We welcome you to visit us in Orkuh˙si­ for professional diagnoses, treatment of the highest quality, and all in a friendly, warm environment.